Resume to order - how not to be deceived

Preparing a resume is not easy, especially if we want to stand out from other candidates and present our candidacy as a perfect fit for the profile of the position and the company. Not everyone has literary talents, and not everyone knows if their resume would look better in functional or chronological order - a programmer or an engineer must know slightly different things. That's why cheap resume services in the competitive job market is sometimes the answer. The bottom line is that after paying for the help, it wouldn't appear that our chances in the job market through our "professional application" have diminished. And this, unfortunately, happens - not all companies that position themselves as professional actually hire professionals. Using the services of such companies, we lose time and money.

Resume with 10 templates in the package

There are many companies that do resumes the "machine way." They only paste the information we send into a standard template without even adjusting the content of the documents to match the type of job we are looking for or our skills or experience. It also often happens that the documents look completely unprofessional and don't even meet basic formatting standards. Every resume, in addition to the candidate's experience, must be tailored to the type of job he or she is looking for. A competent person will not prepare a "standard" cover letter in which you can only change the position, company and send out the same everywhere. Resume, which is offered as a package of templates (and even such proposals can be found on the Internet) will not bring us any benefit - firstly, it will not emphasize our advantages and will not help you get your dream job, and secondly, most recruiters know these templates by heart and do not particularly like them. A template resume gives the impression that the candidate does not know how to write a resume on their own, but they also do not know how to use market offers skillfully.

A professional resume requires data

To be able to produce appropriate application documents, the team or person in charge of implementing the service must have the appropriate amount of data. The person writing the resume will try to get as much information from us as possible. Even if they are not all used in writing resumes and LM and seem irrelevant, they can help in preparing the documents and getting to know the person for whom we are writing the resume. The more information our service provider expects from us, the better - by doing so he will be able to prepare more appropriate documents. At Resumegets, we very often ask the candidate to tell or, if he is comfortable, write something about himself beyond the dry facts. He described in his own words what he did at this company, what he felt he was best at. We try to prepare a resume in such a way that it fits the person - both in his experience, and in his education, and in his character. Similarly, other professional companies that prepare resumes to order.